Cleavage Ambition

Ask any girl at a London escorts agency, and she will probably tell you that she would like to improve her cleavage. Going under the knife is one of the options that you have got. Increasingly, few outcall London escorts than ever before are resorting to surgery. It may seem like a quick fix solution, but there are many more ways to a sexy cleavage than a couple of DD implants.

Take a closer look at women with really great cleavages and you will soon notice that there is more to them than a great cleavage. Many London escorts with great cleavages make sure that their entire upper body and core stand out. How do they achieve this? This has not been achieved by enhancement surgery. Instead you will find that many London escorts focus on doing the right upper body exercises.

The answer to making your cleavage to stand out in a crowd is to work on your entire upper body. Most London escorts start their journey to a sexy cleavage by reducing upper body fat. This means that you need to take a good look at your upper body and find out what areas need work. Slim arms are a great way for your cleavage to speak for itself. London escorts do both exercises to reduce arm fat and back fat to make sure that their cleavage arrive before they do if you know what I mean.

At the same time, you should work on your waist. As a matter of fact, you should spend rather a lot of time working on your waist. A slim waist will help to lift your bust and make it seem more pert. Tummy muscles are important as well as a flat tummy helps to create the right kind of contrast between the hip area and the bust. Look at yourself in the mirror and you will see what I mean. Most London escorts spend a lot of time doing yoga or standing aerobic exercises to work on their tummy muscles. Aerobic exercises are one of the best ways to make sure that you burn excess tummy fat.

You also need to work in the bust itself. Does that mean you have to spend endless hours in the gym using machines? No it does not. If you have cancelled the gym membership, there is no need to worry. Dynaband exercises are great when you want to work on your bust. I know London escorts who always carry their dynaband with them. They sit in a chair during a break in their shift and do exercises that will help to increase their bust and make it more perkier. It is just as important to life the tendons that hold the breast muscle tissue as the muscles themselves. This is why dynabands are so great and can make a huge difference when it comes to giving you a dream cleavage. They are not expensive and you can find them in all quality sports stores up and down the UK.